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Introducing…Excelso Dark!

Author, Marc Wortman. Roaster and coffee blogger.

For the dark roast coffee drinker with discerning taste, I submit for your approval…our new Excelso Dark coffee

When I first started roasting, I had three coffees: a medium roast, a dark roast, and a premium coffee. I wanted to capture as many coffee preferences as I could with a limited amount of coffees to start.

My philosophy in developing the roast profile of a dark roast coffee was to give the coffee drinker the smoky flavor and full body of a dark roast, without the burnt and bitter flavor that so often accompanies a dark roasted coffee.

That same philosophy is behind our latest offering for the dark roast afficionado…our new Excelso Dark coffee. The key is in the care that goes into attaining the full body and smoky flavor, while properly developing the inner bean and not burning its exterior.

This very versatile Colombia bean features a full body and berry sweetness when roasted medium. When roasted dark, the body becomes even fuller, and the berry sweetness turns into an almost red wine flavor.

This coffee roast along with many others, can be found at Joybrewed Espresso, 1295 University Ave to sample or buy.

Until next time,

Marc Wortman

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