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Our Espresso


Espresso Blend

- Roast Level: Extra dark roast - Flavor descriptors: Rich, intense, berry, dark chocolate, caramel - Description: Our signature espresso blend provides a rich and intense flavor, a heavy body, a thick crema, and a hint of citrus.

Decaf Espresso Blend

- Roast Level: Extra dark roast - Flavor descriptors: Berry, dark chocolate - Description: Enjoy our decaffeinated espresso blend, with a heavy body, and notes of dark chocolate and berry flavor.

Excelso Dark

- Roast Level: Dark roast - Flavor descriptors: Smooth, wine, rich - Description: The rich and smokey flavor of a dark roast, without a hint of tasting burnt or bitter. A heavy body and winey flavor.

Guatemala Antigua SHB

- Roast Level: Medium dark roast - Flavor descriptors: Citrus, milk chocolate, lively acidity - Description: This is a crowd-pleasing coffee. The rich flavor and heavy body of a darker roast, with the citrus acidity of a lighter roaster.

Costa Rica SHB

- Roast Level: Medium roast - Flavor descriptors: Fruity, milk chocolate, lively acidity - Description: For coffee drinkers that prefer a medium roast, this coffee has notes of fruit and milk chocolate, with a lively acidity.

Celebrity Roast

- Roast Level: Extra dark roast - Flavor descriptors: Berry, spice - Description: Our signature house blend. Dark roasted South American beans blended with medium roasted Central American beans provide a heavy body, a rich flavor, and a lively acidity.

Meet Our Roaster

“My name is Marc Wortman and I love coffee. I love coffee so much that I’ve invested a lot of time into understanding what makes a good cup of coffee. Like you, I’ve had great coffee in my life and for the most part, found it was in upscale restaurants or in the homes of people who know coffee well. I couldn’t help but wonder just what they had at their disposal that a regular kitchen did not, and how hard could it be to do myself. Curiosity and the love of coffee started the process, and it continues today, 10 years later, by visiting and blogging about coffee farms all around the world and roast them here in San Diego, CA. If you want to try my coffee, come to JoyBrewed Espresso or join us in a cupping to taste our different flavors.”

the process of roasting

What does a good coffee roaster do?  He ensures a consistent quality from one visit to the next, and he ensures the freshest possible coffee you can buy.  Coffee is freshest when you buy it shortly after it was roasted.  Your roaster manages an inventory of unroasted coffee in a facility near you and sells you coffee roasted to standard and roasted recently.  All of these things mean more flavor in the cup!

The roasting process involves heating the green beans while keeping them in constant motion.  This releases the oils from the bean that make coffee taste like coffee.  It’s also these oils that will go stale like anything else that’s perishable and that’s why unroasted beans keep for so long.

An interesting thing about roasting is that while it brings out coffee’s natural and inherent flavor, the roasting itself can contribute to the coffee’s flavor.  In other words in a darker blend, you are tasting the properties of the roasting itself.

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learn to taste and evaluate coffee like a pro

Our coffee roaster, Marc Wartman who has blogged about coffee for over ten years, traveled around the world visiting coffee farms and is passionate about coffee roasting and flavors, teaches classes in our gorgeous conference room here at JoyBrewed Espresso. During the class, you get to choose different types of beans, different roasting processes, and then you can take home your favorite blend as included in the class fee.

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